These are all the Zoflora uses to note for your next clean. Banishing bacteria has never been so easy...

Recently purchased a bottle of Zoflora? Dig out your notepad and write down these  Zoflora uses. Trust us: this cleaning product is a game-changer. 

Named the UK's number one disinfectant for good reason, one bottle of Zoflora can help rid your surfaces of bacteria, freshen your upholstery and clean daily use items such as television remotes, door handles and more. All while leaving a delightful smell behind.

We've tried and tested a number of uses with this very popular disinfectant and are happy to report back the ones we love and use on a daily basis. From washing machine cleaning hacks to cleaning pet items, deep cleaning toys and freshening up drains. We've thought of everything.

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Zoflora have confirmed they are yet to test their disinfectant against coronavirus. This means that using Zoflora to clean coronavirus-infested surfaces means there's no guarantee this disinfectant is 100 per cent killing the virus. Zoflora can, however, kill E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and viruses such as Influenza –Type A (H1N1), Human Herpes Virus, Rotavirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

What do we say when advising you to use chemicals to clean with? Always do a patch test first and read the manufacturer's instructions...

We'll talk floors in a minute. But first... did you know that your child's high chair has, on average, 1,500 times more faecal matter on it than his/her potty. Really. Well, according to Zoflora. So, wiping it down after every meal and thoroughly once a week will banish all that bacteria – and, hopefully, the image we've just conjured for you.

Moving swiftly on to floors... After you've vacuumed your floor and it's free of crumbs, dirt and pet hair, grab a mop and bucket and dilute four capfuls of Zoflora to 1.5 litres of hot water. Squeeze the mop well and buff after for a lovely shine. You can do this on tiles, lino and painted pine floors, and it'll ensure any bacteria which has been brought in from outside is killed, while making your floors look clean. 

Use a spray mop for easier mopping, but be careful not to soak your floors. It's worth noting though, that Zoflora can't be used on polished or oiled wood.

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Sofa a bit, well, niffy? Curtains giving off a scent of last weekend's party? Mattress... sweaty? Forget your average fabric refresh, dilute some Zoflora (as directed on the box) in a spray bottle and spritz sparingly on to your upholstery, curtains and mattresses to not only make your home smell fresh but to kill bacteria, too. 

Don't use so much that furnishings become damp – even a light application will make the product's scent stick for a while. And it's a smart idea to carry out a patch-test beforehand to prevent marking delicate furniture. We'd avoid using on fabrics such as velvet, too.

Did you know you can pour Zoflora down plug holes to kill bacteria and get rid of unpleasant smells?