Changing out the watch band on your watch is a great way to customize its look

Changing out the watch band on your watch is a great way to customize its look while also changing up its functionality. Perhaps you want a nice leather band for business and a silicone band for workouts. Either way, finding a great watch band for your Huawei Watch GT doesn’t have to be difficult whether you have the 46mm style or 42mm version, these bands below will have an option for. A perforated silicone watch band is a great option for durability and comfort. This band from Lwsegme is no exception with lots of adjustability and colors to choose from. It’s great for workouts and daily casual use, and with so many colors and the low price, you can find a match for every day. A good, basic canvas watch band is tough to beat. Beafiry makes a solid, durable band that complements your watch while also being super comfortable. Leather has long been used for watch bands and for good reason. Leather naturally customizes to the wearer and creates a perfect fit as its worn. It also develops a patina over time, enhancing the look of the timepiece and fitting in with nearly any situation. Sometimes the feel of metal can be calming, and if you need a material that you know is...

Window Screen Gives Way, 3-Year-Old Falls 3 Floors To Ground In Jersey City

JERSEY CITY (CBSNewYork) – Neighbors are relating the scene of every parent’s worst fear after a 3-year-old child suffered a fractured skull after falling from a third flood window on Friday afternoon. Neighbors of the Ogden Avenue apartment building by South Street say both parents were home around 1:00 p.m., but while their backs were turned their 3-year-old son managed to climb to the open window in their apartment and fall thru the screen. Witnesses say they could hear the parents’ panicked screams as they scooped him up and drove him to the hospital. “I heard a loud thud, and I looked out my window, and I saw a screen, a window screen out on the floor, and some people looking down from the windows,” said neighbor Amanda Kwiatkoski. Barbed Wire, Metal Mesh, Stainless Wire Mesh, Screen Window – JIUZHOU METAL,